2020 Christmas Eve Food Distribution Walk

You, your family and friends can help Mission Church with its annual Christmas Eve Food Distribution Walk! 1pm, December 24, 2020. 1651 Cass Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Here are the details: 

As you approach the church at 1651 Cass Street, Fort Wayne, IN, tune your radio to 106.1 for instructions and other announcements.  The walk will occur from 1pm to 4pm, but you are welcome to arrive as early as 12:30pm. Enter Cass Street from the north (Putnam Street).  Line up along the curb, stay in your car, and await further instructions.

Please let us know you’re planning to come by filling out this short registration form.  For everyone’s health and safety we are minimizing contact this year. Click here and complete form. 

Every year on Christmas Eve hundreds of Christians from the Fort Wayne community from many denominations have gathered at Mission Church to walk into the downtown neighborhoods.  We introduce ourselves with a “Merry Christmas,” distribute boxes of food and toys to anyone who is in need, listen, talk, and pray with people.  Our purpose is to offer neighborly kindness and to share the love of our Lord and Savior in this season.

Please bring your family and friends and join us, it will be a life-changing experience!

Everything you need to know is included below:

We are anticipating the possibility of significant need in our community this year.  When you come, if you are able to bring donations of canned (or non-perishable) food or new toys (for kids of all ages) it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Thank you for partnering together to be Christ's hands and feet at this most special time of the year!

Here is what we have planned for this year’s Christmas Eve walk…

For everyone’s health and safety everything will be as low-contact as possible.   Please wear a mask at all times while you are interacting with people.

Enter Cass Street from the north (from Putnam Street).  Line up along the curb, stay in your car, tune your radio to 106.1 and wait for your turn at the church building.

When it is your turn, boxes of food will be loaded into your car.  You will also be given a map to your assigned location.  If you have another car you wish to be paired with let us know, otherwise we will match you up with another car.

Once you’re loaded up and assigned to a group, drive to your assigned map location and begin knocking on doors. Do not go up to any house alone.

Only visit houses facing your assigned streets. Cross streets will be covered by another group.

After you knock on the door, we suggest that you step back a few feet to maintain social distancing.

Identify yourself as someone from Mission Church.  For example: “Merry Christmas! We’re with Mission Church at Fort Wayne.  Are you in need of any food or children’s Christmas gifts?”  Beyond that, let the Spirit lead! There is no hurry, take your time at each house: listen, talk, pray, help however you can.

If there is need for children’s gifts, fill out an order sheet. Once your group has several (3-4) orders, have one of your group members drive back to the church and pull up to Door 1 and we will fill your orders.

This year we are not actively soliciting orders for coats and other needs, so please do not specifically ask. However, if anyone expresses a need for anything, have them contact the church via email at MissionChurchFW@gmail.com. The email address is also on the food box label.

When you have finished your assigned location, DO NOT go to another street! If there is still time left, return to the church to get another map assignment.

Please wrap up visiting houses by 4pm and return any undistributed food boxes to the church.

We very much want to hear your stories and feedback, please email them to us!

If you need to contact us while you are in the neighborhoods, email your name, phone number, and a note to MissionChurchFW@gmail.com and someone will get right back to you.