Food Rescue and Distribution

Heart of the City (HOTC) has developed longstanding relationships with Allen County restaurants who have designated our organization as a distributor for their unsold products in order to nourish people, foster nutrition and partner to help provide solutions.

Again this year, the HOTC food distribution program continues to grow. We have been surprised at how many restaurants are seeking an outlet for their overstocked and surplus food.

Each restaurant franchise requires a different level of reporting depending on their corporate guidelines. We are thrilled that Heart of the City has been recognized as a trusted food distributor for the restaurants, even though the stream of food goods, funding requirements and time commitment for distribution can become overwhelming.

Six days a week, HOTC volunteers pick-up food from:

• Panera Restaurant
• Starbucks
• Red Lobster
• Olive Garden Restaurant
• Cheddars Restaurant
• Outback Steak House
• Longhorn Steak House
• Eggs from a local chicken farm
• Milk from Prairie Farms

- Our food coordination team makes 22 pick-ups each week, securing over 600 pounds of food. 

- Over 900 individuals and unique households benefit from this program each month.

- 100% of the families we serve are living at or below the USDA poverty guidelines.

- 70% of the individuals benefitting from the Food Rescue Pro-gram are 18 years or younger.

Much of this food would be headed to the landfill if not for this Heart of the City program.

Your organization can make a difference in our community through a partnership with Heart of the City. Overstocked and unsold food from area restaurants will be distributed to those who need and will appreciate it most.  Families will have access to this nutrition source through our neighborhood distribution.