Earn-a-Bike Program

If you’ve ever enjoyed riding a bicycle, you know the feeling of exhilaration and freedom that accompanies the ride. Yet, for 80 percent of the world the bicycle raises stronger feelings. It is either their main form of transportation or their desired hope to gain a sustainable living. 

Over the past 15 years a group of cyclists in Fort Wayne have been quietly volunteering to provide bicycles to those in under-resourced neighborhoods. 500 times a year bikes are received as donations, repaired, and then become part of the “Earn-A-Bike” program for those of the homeless community or individuals living without resources. 

The repair volunteers show up with spare parts and tools and go to work alongside the program participants. After 6-8 hours of shop time or community service work, the participant “Earns” his/her bike. 

It may take considerable time to make some repairs and replace worn parts, but the chance to help others is the primary focus. Countless other bikes have been fixed up and given to local children. 

HOTC Bicycles is supported by donations of cash, equipment, and bicycles from individuals, churches, business organizations and local foundations. 
Bicycles are used to gain employment, go to doctors appointments, trips to grocery store, etc. 

We are pleased to provide bicycles for the local Fort Wayne community under the name HOTC Bicycles. Cash donations help us repair bikes or help offset the cost of parts. If you have a bike for donation you can take it to Summit City Bicycle and Fitness on Lima Road in Fort Wayne.