Community Efforts to Make Bikes Accessible During Those Who Need Them

(Watch video to see entire story)...Trek Fort Wayne, formerly Summit City Bicycles, gives donations dropped off at their business by the community to the local charity, Heart of the City Mission Foundation.

Every Friday, volunteers repair bikes for free, to those who rely on them for daily transportation.

“I enjoy taking something that’s not working and broken, and fixing it and making it functional again,” explains volunteer, Orlie Brand.

Heart of the City Mission Foundation has a lot of programs, different outreach ministries to end generational poverty.

Some help kids in neighborhoods with bike repairs, or even trade-ins to get one of those working, donated bicycles into their hands.

They also allow people in need of a bike to earn it, after several hours of working inside their shop on Cass St.

“We’re able to take old bikes, and turn them into something useful for someone else,” Brand shared, “it’s a good program and I think it’s doing some people some quite a bit of good.