#FeedTheNeed $5,000 Match Challenge

In 2018-19, HOTC was designated by local area restaurants as a distributor for unsold food products in order to nourish people and foster nutrition. HOTC not only runs an onsite food pantry, but also picks up the donated food products, brings it back to HOTC for sorting and storing, and then transports the food to where the people are who need this help. Much of this food would be headed to the landfill if not for this HOTC program.

• The food coordination team volunteers make 22 weekly pick-ups, securing over 600 pounds of food and loading it into vans, SUVs and cars.

• In 2019, over 900 individuals/households benefited from this program each month.

• In the midst of COVID-19, we are still reaching 600 individuals/households monthly.

• 100% of the families served are living at or below the USDA poverty guidelines.

• 70% of the individuals benefiting are 18 years or younger.

In the last six months, the Food Rescue program has become much more limited, but also much more labor-intensive and expensive due in part to the following:

• Drop in participating restaurants and partner donations.

• Sanitizing expense and PPE requirements for volunteers and recipients.

• Social distancing requirements for every single step of food distribution, which drives up the overall time and expenses.

• Labor-intensive multiple transportation trips: pick-up, storage, fulfillment, delivery.



• #FeedTheNeed will take place October 19-26, 2020.

• Donations received within that time period will be matched $1 for $1 up to $5,000.

• Donations may be made online on the HOTC website - simply select Heart of the City Mission Foundation and follow the instructions for online giving.

• Donations may also be made by check and mailed to: Heart of the City Mission Foundation, 1651 Cass St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808