Heartful 2022 - An Unforgettable Evening With The Isaacs

(Be sure to click on the video and watch the Heart of the City Mission Foundation's Board President, Tim Stauffer, be invited to sing "3 Bells" with The Isaacs)! 

It was a great Sunday afternoon and evening at the Clyde Theatre learning more about the programs Heart of the City provides to the children, families, and adults in the heart of Fort Wayne to help them break the cycle of generational poverty. What truly made the evening special was listening to The Isaacs sing and play their music along with giving some personal testimony about the programs and nonprofits they help in the Nashville area which align with the goals of Heart of the City.

During the VIP experience The Isaacs answered questions directed to them by Curtis Smith, former weatherperson at 21 WPTA and HOTC board member. He delved into many topics of interest to the audience that purchased the VIP experience tickets and sponsors of Heartful 2022 including: Lily’s mother and father and their experience as Polish Holocaust survivors, Ben’s other interests in the music business and how he balances all the demands on his time, Sonya’s personal trials she has been through, and Becky’s battle with and overcoming Crohn’s disease. They also took questions from the VIPs and discussed how set lists for each performance are developed.

The Heart of the City Mission Foundation thanks The Issacs for an unforgettable event!